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Luther & Sundrop Eggs are live on the Website!

After much anticipation I've finally managed to produce some eggs! 🎉🥚 She hasn't seemed to lay many so if I do decide to release any it would be a limited number of sets.

Luther- Male axanthic from Luther’s Lotls. Approx. 16 months old. Het mel, copper and leucistic.

Mom is from Stroh's Herptiles pink axanthic line.

Dad is an axanthic melanoid.

Sundrop- Female hypomelanistic from Strohl's Herptiles. Hatched January 2022. She is one of the offspring produced in the article he wrote on the study about the hypomelanistic gene. The father is from his lines (♂️H01). Mother is from Emily Hoots (originally from Roofus Aquatics) (♀️HC1). HO1 was produced from a back-cross of hypos found in one of his penta-het pairings in 2016. He is unrelated to other hypos by at least three generations (but probably no more than that). The Roofus hypos were produced from a pair of unknown origin. Sundrop is 67% het melanoid and albino. 50% probability of each of the other hets.

At the least I'm expecting melanoids and wilds. I'm really hoping Sundrop is carrying copper and leucistic at least, having come from a penta-het pairing. 50% off offspring will carry the hypomelanistic gene.

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