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Luna & Orlah Eggs Live on the Website!

Luna & Orlah ✨🥚

The count is in at 314 viable eggs! Get yours while you can on the website!

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Luna: Male dirty melanoid leucistic produced by Orion's Axolotls and is on loan to me from Melanie Leinbach. Hatch date is February 4th 2021. Het for albino and possibly axanthic. Dad was leviathan a dirty leucy and mom was Asteroid, a dirty leucy.

Orlah: Female golden albino that I got from Northern Axolotls. Hatched January of 2020 from Awesome Possum and is part of the Alaskan Axolotls collection. Definitely het white. I believe het melanoid as well Mom: Neboo, Starburst wild. Dad: Cecil, Lucy.

Expecting wilds, leucistic, melanoid and albino varieties at the least. 🤞

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