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UK Copper & Lilith Eggs on the Website!

This listing is for a set of 20 eggs. Choose egg shipping at checkout.

Lilith- Female axanthic from Luther’s Lotls. Approx. 18+ months old. Het mel, copper and leucistic.

Mom is from Strohl's Herptiles pink axanthic line.

Dad is an axanthic melanoid.

UK Copper Male-Hatched November 12-17th 2020. He’s a 3rd Generation Copper. He comes from very rare line in the USA. These babies are from UK lines. I received him from Axolotls by Debbie .

His father is "Kisses", a pure line Copper from the UK line. His parents were imported here from the UK and came from a long line of Coppers. Their names are "Caramallo" and "Starfire". His mother is "Butterscotch". She is a GFP 2nd generation Copper. She was produced by Twin Cities Axolotls. Her parents are "Lilith" and "Nanners".

This pair will produce wilds and coppers at the least and I am expecting other surprise morphs.

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