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L&O~ 3-4" Light Melanoid for Kenzie

L&O~ 3-4" Light Melanoid for Kenzie

This listing is for Kenzei. If that is not you DO NOT PURCHASE!

Hatched late 1/24

Approx. 3-4 inches.

Parent information:

Lilith- Female axanthic from Luther’s Lotls. Approx. 18+ months old. Het mel, copper and leucistic.

Mom is from Strohl's Herptiles pink axanthic line.

Dad is an axanthic melanoid.

UK Copper Male-Hatched November 12-17th 2020. He’s a 3rd Generation Copper. He comes from very rare line in the USA. These babies are from UK lines. I received him from Axolotls by Debbie .

His father is "Kisses", a pure line Copper from the UK line. His parents were imported here from the UK and came from a long line of Coppers. Their names are "Caramallo" and "Starfire". His mother is "Butterscotch". She is a GFP 2nd generation Copper. She was produced by Twin Cities Axolotls. Her parents are "Lilith" and "Nanners".

  • Shipping

    Axolotls must be fasted 2-3 days prior to shipping to ensure their health and survival during their trip. If your order is placed later in the week your axolotl will be shipped on the next available day the following week.

    Overnight available for calculation by request.

    UPS 2 day Shipping is done Mon-Wed.

    USPS Priority Shipping is done Mon-Tues.

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