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Salmon Pellets 4oz

Salmon Pellets 4oz

4oz bag.

Rangen Salmon Pellets, Soft Moist sinking Pellets for Axolotls, Shrimp & ALL Fish

Apx. Analysis:

Crude Protein 45.0%

Crude Fat 18.0%

Crude Fiber 3.0%

Moisture 12.0%

Ash 8%

Aquatic Foods, INC

These pellets are a great addition to your axolotl's menu! This is one food that is acceptable as a staple in your axolotl's diet. The soft sinking salmon pellet is greatly recommended over the carnivore pellets.**

Additionally, your fish, turtles, newts and other amphibians will love these as well!!

Available in 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch.

•1/8 is ideal for very small and juvenile axolotls.

•1/4 is the perfect size for juveniles and sub-adult axolotls.

•1/2 is best suited for your adult axolotl.*

*The 1/2 inch pellet is large, even for an adult. It is recommended that you flatten and tear the pellet into a more favorable size for your axolotl to avoid the risk of choking. Although too large to feed whole, feeding your larger axolotl with a nice sized chunk is much more satisfying than a large quantity of tiny pellets. 😉

**Carnivore pellets are ok to feed as a variation to their diet but do not contain the proper nutrients to qualify as a staple food.

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