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4"-5" Golden Albino~ ABD/P&L

4"-5" Golden Albino~ ABD/P&L

This listing is RESERVED FOR Maria S! If that is not you Please Do Not Purchase!

Approx. 4-5 inches

I received this go now by no from Axolotls by Debbie. It is the production of one of her pairings.

Mother is Pepto:

1. Pepto: Hatched Dec 5th, 2020

Blue Gill Dirty Leucy. Proven all Het.

From: THE Mottled Lotl

Pepto 's Parents:

Mom-“Oreo” her Axanthic female het Copper and Leucy and possibly Het Mel and Albino. She came from Northern Axolotls "Axexander" Copper and "Rose" bluegill leucy.

Dad - "Bubblegum" her Copper Leucy boy het Albino from Twin Cities Axolotls "Nanners" Copper het Leucy and "Blanch" GFP Copper het Mel & Leucy.

PEPTO IS Proven HET: Lucy, hypomelanistic, copper, axanthic, golden, albino and mel!


Dad is Lester:

5. Lester:

Male all het melanoid including hypo

Hatched: January 19, 2021

Produced by: Tina Heckman, The Mottled LotI

Female: GFP White Albino from Northern Axolotl's lines.

Lester's Parents:

♀️Mom "Sunbeam" is GFP and from Northern Axolotls lines and had a half GFP Golden Albino Mosaic sibling named "Pride n Joy". Her Moms name is Sunshine and is a Mel Albino and Dad is a Golden And a Brother to her girl Beast.

♂️Father "Snickers" MAC from Strohl's Penta het lines.

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